As a patient with a severe back problem, I have found Dr. Milone’s treatment for my challenging condition to be far beyond the call of duty. His knowledge of chiropractic, time and study devoted to my case along with personal concern has seen me through a difficult time in my life. Thanks Dr. Milone for helping to bring me back to the active life I so much enjoy.
Linda M.

The first time I walked into Dr. Milone’s office, it was an emergency. As usual, I let my back pain go to the extreme, as I have done for the last 23 years. I could not even stand up straight.
After talking with Dr. Milone I felt totally relaxed as he taught me what and where the problem was. I felt the guy “cared” about the patient and the sure vs. pumping patients through the door. His entire staff gives you that impression and you can feel that it is a relaxed working atmosphere.
The first day we discussed the problem, treatment and suggested visits. For several years the doctors tried to talk me into a “Maintenance” program after my treatment so when Dr. Milone suggested it I was typically wary. However after some thought I realized it really does make sense. How many more times was I going to abuse my back and wait ‘till I could no longer stand straight? I said yes.
Well I felt better after my first treatment and better each day. Pain in other parts on my body are now subsiding as well and I feel better in general. This has been one of the most positive encounters I have had with a medical profession in my life. I hope you will consider experiencing the leading benefits of this office instead of treating the symptoms.
Dr. Milone gets my 100% approval rating. Thanks for all the help.
Allen H.

I just wanted to thank-you with these flowers for a pain free weekend. The first in a long time. It was great! I am truly blessed to know you and have you as my Gonstead Dr.
June P.

Going to Dr. Milone’s office is wonderful. The care given to me is some that I have never received before. He cares so much for his patients, not only as a doctor, but as your friend.
Jeff M.

I could never begin to thank Dr. Milone for everything he’s done for me. Not only has he given me relief from excruciating back pain, but he’s also given me a better understanding of what chiropractic care involves. Dr. Milone is not only an expert at what he does but he also takes the time to inform his patients of the cause of their treatment. This empowers the patient to be able to actively participate in their road to recovery.
I would highly recommend Dr. Milone to my family and friends.
Nancy S.

Thank you for giving me my life back! I can’t believe that I am truly “Pain Free” at last!
Linda G.

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